Learn about the basic art composition rules (such as the Rule of Thirds and the Rule of Odds), which when applied to your paintings will make for...

The Fried Egg School of Painting Composition
That rule about the focal point of a painting not be in the middle of the canvas exists to stop you being a member of the Fried Egg School of Painting Composition.

Elements of Composition: Rhythm
This analysis of a painting's composition will help you see what is meant by rhythm in art.

Elements of Composition: Balance
See what is meant by rhythm in art composition, using perhaps the world's most famous painting as an example.

Perspective in Paintings
Get to grips with perspective once and for all with this easy-to-understand tutorial on art perspective in paintings.

Elements of Composition: Movement
A look at how movement can work in a painting, using an example from Van Gogh.

Light Sources or Directions
When painting, one decision that must be made at composition stage, is where the light is going to come from as this influences the shadows, contrasts, and colours. So what are the choices?


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