Healthy Foods and Nutrition



   The teacher will break the class  into 20 groups of 2 students.

    2.     The students will choose their job for the project.  There are students who search healthy and unhealthy foods.

3.     Follow the instructions and tasks for your specific role. The students will need to use the computer and Internet for research. (http://zunal.com/)

4.      Each group member will need to search healthy and unhealthy foods to make a lunch menu.

5.     After individual tasks are completed, the group will come together to discuss their individual role, and put their information together as one assignment.

6.     Students will present the information and the menu to their classmates. 

7.     The students will vote on the menu that they feel represents the "healthiest" choices, and that group will present their menu to the principal and cafeteria staff. 

8.     You will rate your group members, as part of the evaluation process.

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