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Before you dive into your tasks, the first thing you should do is learn everything you can about the states that are in the Southwest! On the bottom of this page is an attachment called "States of Our Region Worksheet" which will bring you to a blank document, already provided for you, where you will be able to fill out information about each individual state. You may fill out the sheets in any way (with complete sentences, in note-form, etc...) as long as you can look back at them to help you put together your itinerary and presentation. These sheets will be handed in at the end of the project. These are your states:

SOUTHWEST REGION: Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma (4 states)

We are ready to start our TASKS! Remember, T. Travel is counting on us to make sure that George Washington has a fun and memorable stay here in the United States present-day!

TASK #1:
This first task requires your group to create a 5-day itinerary that Mr. Washington might follow on his vacation. This itinerary should highlight all the important, interesting, fun and possible historical places located in your region. Here are the guidelines for your Itinerary:

a. Be sure that your itinerary lasts for 5 days

b. Mr. Washington should be busy morning, afternoon and evening, but keep his days limited to 2 or 3 bigger activities or 3-4 smaller activities- do not drive him crazy with too many things to do!

c. Make sure that the intinerary is detailed. If he is going to a specific museum, for example, make sure that you talk about the museum, what is located inside, where and when it was built, any interesting information about the museum and (if you can find it) the museum's address and phone number.

d. Mr. Washington may use any sort of transportation, but please be realistic according to which region you are in! Examples of transportations may include: car, train, airplane, boat, cable car, by foot, horse, truck, hot air balloon, etc... Remember, the President has to get from one place to another somehow!

e. Mr. President may start and end in any cities/state/area that you want him to
f. Make sure that you include where he is staying every night (hotel, motel, inn, bed & breakfast). He may stay in one place for more than one night, but make sure that he does not stay in one place for too long!

g. Mr. Washington has to eat during his trip! Make sure you leave time for breakfast, lunches and dinners. While it is not required for every single day, you may want to include some popular/well-known restaurants, eateries, diners, etc., for him to eat at- I am sure he would appreciate the suggestions!

h. Have fun planning the 5-day trip! Think about where you would want to go and what you would want to see if you were visiting your region for the first time. What are the things that stand out most about your region? Where would your traveler have the most fun and experience the most out of your region?

i. Please include pictures that you find on your website. Create a "photo album", which could just be a page or two with a collage of pictures and some sort of title on the top of the page.

j. Your group may choose whether it wants to complete a written itinerary, a typed itinerary, or a PowerPoint intinerary. All formats will have the same format, it just depends on which one your group agrees on.

k. Be creative! If there is anything else that you think should be included in your itinerary, go for it!

Below is an example of an itinerary. Before you begin the first task, please take a look so that you have an idea in your head about what yours might look like when you are complete. As always, please ask any questions if anything is unclear to you or your group members. The RUBRIC found on the "Evaluation" page will also guide your group along this process.

Check out the resources page to get started!


Have FUN!


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