Weather Adventures!



Welcome to your weather adventure! Get ready to make a splash and learn about what the weather is, and how it works! You can do this activity alone, or you can pick an adventure buddy to do it with you! Have fun!

Step One:1

 First, look outside and see what it looks like! Is it raining, or is it sunny? Draw a picture of what it looks like, and then keep the picture with you for the rest of the adventure! Next, click on the link that says Weather Video, and watch the YouTube video! It will tell you about all of the different types of weather!

Step Two:

After you are done  watching the video, click on  the link that says Rain Coloring Page and print the coloring page! Color it in, and read the bottom of the page. It will tell you how rain is made!

Step Three:

After you are done coloring, click on the link that says All Kinds Of Weather, and watch the YouTube video about how the weather changes  our world!  This video will help you do the next activity.

Step Four:

Next, click on the link that says Weather Quiz Game, and play the game! Read the question that is on the screen, and click the answer that matches! You can watch the All Kinds of Weather video again to help you find the answers. This game is a bit hard, so you can re-watch the video more than once to find the answers!

Step Five:

Take a Break and look outside!  Did the weather change from the first time you looked outside? Draw a picture of what the weather looks like now! Look at the picture you just made, and look at the picture that you made when you started your adventure. Has the weather changed at all? Next, Write down "yes" if it changed, and "no" if it didn't.


Before you come back to the computer, stretch your arms up high to the sun, and down low to the ground!! Wiggle your arms like a windstorm, and twirl in a circle like a tornado! When you're done, sit back down at the computer and finish you're adventure!

 Step Six:

Click on the link that says Weather Poem, and read the poem about how weather makes a storm! You'll learn what storms do, and what the weather is like when the storm starts and ends!

Step Seven:

Now that you have learned about storms, click on the link that says Cloud Fun, and play the game about the clouds! This game will show you how clouds are all different shapes, and hoe they can float in the sky! To start the game, click on the green button, and drag the clouds into the sky! Look at how all of the clouds are shaped differently, and how they float!

When you are finished putting your clouds in the sky, think about why they are there. What do the clouds do? What comes from a cloud? Write down your answers or tell them to a friend.

Step Eight:

Next, click on the link that says Weather Book, and read the story! This book will show you what to wear for all of the different types of weather! This book will help you tell your parents what you should wear each day, and is another exciting step on our weather journey!,

Step Nine:

After you are done reading the book, click on the link that says The Cat in the Hat, and play the weather game! You can play the game by clicking on the weather buttons at the bottom of the screen! This will show you what the temperature feels like when there are different types of weather!

What is the temperature like when it is sunny outside? Does it feel hot or cold? What is the temperature like when it is snowing outside? Does it feel different then when it is sunny? Write your answers down or tell them to a friend!

Step Ten:

Now, let's see what you remember! Click on the link that says Weather Worksheet, and print it out. Draw a line to connect the types of clothes that you would wear with the type of weather that there is. Remember, pick the clothes that will make you feel warm on cold days and cool on hot days!

Step Eleven:

One more game! This is the last stop on your weather adventure! Click on the link that says Snow and Ice, and play the game! This game will quiz you on some of the weather facts you've learned on your adventure!


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