Life Cycle of a Chicken



All links are listed in below!!

1. You should get into groups of about 3 or 4.

2. After you have made your groups, you will need to print of the recording sheet (listed in the resources below).

3. You should visit the website called "Fertilized or Unfertilized" to learn the difference between eggs you buy at the store and eggs that hatch chicks.

4.  Click the link below titled "Stages of Egg Development"  and use the webpage to answer questions 1 and 2 on your recording sheet.

5. After viewing that webpage, watch the video below titled "Chicken Embryo Development."  It will give you a closer look at what the chick looks like while it's developing inside the egg.  After you've viewed the video, you can also watch "Chicken Embryo Development with Real Pictures." This video is not as descriptive but has pictures of real chicks during the different stages. It  is a bit more graphic, so if you don't want to watch it, that's OK!

6. Next you should visit the link below called "What's an Egg Tooth?"  It will help you answer question 3 on your recording sheet.

7. When finished with the link, you should click the resource called "How Chicks Hatch".  Then,  you should watch the one of these videos ( "Chickens Hatching"  or "Chick Hatching"to see what the hatching process looks like.

8. After watching the video, answer question 4 on the recording sheet.

9. To answer the final question (question 5) on your recording sheet, go to the link titled "Maturity."  The information at the beginning of the video is information that we have already covered, but the answer to question 5 comes at the very end so pay close attention!

10. ***Optional*** With the link titled "Chicks Can Look Different,"  you can see that some chicks look different than the fluffy yellow chick that we usually picture in our minds!

11.  When your recording sheet is filled out completely, click the link called "Chicken Quiz" to make sure you understand what you learned before moving on.

12.  After you finish the short quiz, it will be time to make your group poster! 


1. Look at the poster requirements below before you start.

2. After you've looked at the requirements, work with your group to make a poster showing the development of a chicken.  Make sure you share responsibilities equally!

3. When your poster is finished, turn it into your teacher along with your recording sheet.


Web Link
  • Chicks Can Look Different
    Description: Chicks come in all colors and sizes, just like human babies! You can look at some different kinds of baby chickens.

Web Link
  • Chicken Quiz
    Description: Take this short quiz to make sure you understand before moving on.

Web Link

Web Link
Chick Hatching

Description: This video shows a chick hatching. Very interesting!

Web Link
Chicken Embryo Development

Description: This video will give you a closer look at inside the egg.

Description: The beginning of this video is information you've already learned...the new information comes at the end so pay close attention!!
Chickens Hatching

Description: This video shows watch chickens look like when they are hatching.

  • Poster Requirements
    Description: This will guide your group in making your poster. Follow carefully!

  • Recording Sheet
    Description: Use this recording sheet to answer questions throughout your WebQuest.
Chicken Embryo Development with Real Pictures

Description: This video is more graphic than the other development video. If you don't want to watch it, that is perfectly OK!

Web Link

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