Elephant Elements



Step 1-Get together with your small group of 5. First you will assign jobs for each of your group members. 

Each member has to choose one topic to become an expert on about African Elephants and their habitats.

The topics to choose from are:

Elephant Diet-what do elephants eat, how often do they need to eat and drink. Anything you find important about an Elephant's diet should be included in this.

Elephant Behavior- are elephants lone wolves or do they like to have company with them? Do they play or are they strictly business  like a worker bee? Do they migrate or stay in one place? All of these are questions to consider about elephant behavior.

Elephant Young- What are baby elephants called? Do elephants have litters like dogs and cats or do they only have one baby like humans? Do Elephants care for their young and keep them close, or do they have to fend for themselves? These are questions to consider if your topic is elephant young.

Elephant Habitat-Is it cold or hot where African Elephants live? Do they have a large area to roam or is it a confined space? Do they share this habitat with many other animals? 

Elephant Lifespan- Do elephants have any predators? What is the major cause of death for animals? How long do they normally live? Is the lifespan of the elephant declining? 

All five of these topics relate to each other in some way. It is important to keep this in mind while working on this project, I want you to see the link between all 5 of these topics! 

There are links below to help you get started on your research. However, these are not all the sites out there with good information. Try to find other sources, but these are good jumping off points!

The questions listed next to the topics are good to consider, but should not be the limit of your research. Do your best to discover all you can about these topics. Remember, your goal is to be an EXPERT!
You will be given the weekend to do this research.

Step 2- Once you have become an expert on your topic rejoin your group and briefly share your findings. Once you have discussed the information you have found you are going to pick which media you want to use to share your information with. 
The options are:

Power Point- must be at least 25 slides long plus a work cited and title page. Each topic must have three slides dedicated to it. The group member's topic must be placed somewhere on the slides.There must be pictures, and descriptions. 

Book- Must be 25 pages long. Drawings or pictures must be included. Pages should be numbered, and topics clearly labeled.

3D Model of an African Habitat- There must be a typed up description of the model. It must depict all 5  topics. There must be a typed description of each 5 topics that corresponds to the model. This description must be at least one page long.

Once your group agrees on a media you will begin to compile your information to share with the rest of your Safari group so they can be better educated on the African Elephant. 

You will have a week to complete this. If your choice is a book i have blank books for you to use. If you choose the model I have materials to get you started, let me know of any extra materials you need, and I will provide them for you. 

Step 3- Create your presentation for the African Elephant. Your group must work together to make the information flow from topic to topic. All members should put in an equal amount of effort and collaborate with the other members to complete the project. 

You will be graded on participation, everyone must do their part in this project.

Step 4-Step 4 is the conclusion of the project, you will individually write why they believe the African Elephant's habitat is important to its survival, and how it supports its diet, behavior, lifespan and its young.Remember i told you that all of these topics were linked to each other! Think, how would removing the habitat from the link effect the African Elephant?

The projects will be graded based on group participation, project appearance and information, and individual conclusion.

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