Which Life Would You Choose for Me?



You and your teammates are about to embark on a fantastic safari to learn about elephants and their lives in captivity or in sanctuary. Along the way you should take notes on important facts to include in your final presentation. Got your safari caps on? Let's go!

First stop: An elephant...what is that?

In this section, you will learn basic facts about elephants. Read through the site and answer these questions along the way:

  • What is the first known ancestor of the modern day elephant? How do we know it is related to our elephants?
  • The ancestor lived an amphibious life. Are today's elephants amphibians? What are they?
  • How many species of elephants are in the world today?
  • How can you distinguish between the species?
  • How many sets of teeth do elephants have? What happens when they lose their teeth?
  • What are an elephant's tusks?


Next up: Caring for elephants.

  • How much food does an elephant eat per day? What does their diet consist of? Do they get any treats?
  • In captivity, how do elephants get bathed? What about in sanctuary?
  • What is done to an elephant's hair when they are in captivity?
  • What infection is very dangerous for elephants? What can be done to care for that part of the body?
  • Name disease that is harmful to elephants and give examples of a cure.
  • What is positive reinforcement training?

An elephant takes 24/7 watch, care, and providing for.


http://www.globalelephants.org/rambas-feet/#more-2007 Go about halfway down for foot care



Life in Captivity Versus Wild/Sanctuary

  • What kind of needs do elephants have that cannot be offered in captivity? List three or four and discuss why they are important.
  • What is the lifespan of an elephant in captivity? What about in the wild? What are a couple reasons for this?
  • What good things does a sanctuary provide to elephants?
  • Is a sanctuary life, a captive life?




What can you do to help?

  • What are six things you can do to help?
  • What method would each of you group members choose?


Did you learn anything new? I sure hope so! Next up, it is time to get your project all ready to show your class!

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