So you're gifted... Now what?



The Process

OK. Let’s get started.  The term “Gifted” is a label.  It means that your thinking was measured by approved tests and that you met the required level or criteria in order to be determined gifted.  The problem with using labels is that no two people are alike.  Sometimes our strengths are not well measured by conventional tests.  We’ve all met people who have superior abilities in things such as skating, painting or dancing, but may have trouble with reading, writing or math.  Other people are very smart at school but have trouble making friends, can’t sing in tune or catch a ball.

**If the test is not a link, you can find it at the bottom of the page in a document.**

1. Read through the list of Positive and Negative Characteristics of Gifted Children and do the Reflection activity on that page. 

2. Download and print the Scoring Sheet.

3. Take the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and record your results.

4. Take the Learning Styles Test (Are you Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic/Hands on Learner?) and record the results. 

5.  Take the Multiple Intelligence Test

6. Read the collection of quotes that pertain to being gifted.  Choose one that you’d like to use as a personal motto.  You may also choose to select a number of quotes, instead of just one.

7. Present your results to the class in a creative way using one of the following formats:

 Learn more of the Process in the Resources section.

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