Insect Characteristics



In order to complete the WebQuest, you and your partner will work through each step below together. 


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  • Insect Hunt
    Description: Login using the "Class Login" to play this game. Username: James1718 Password: daileyknights

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  • Sketch & Paint
    Description: Use this website to sketch and paint a picture of an insect for your final project. Make sure you include all the characteristics of an insect.
3. Reading
Description: Read the informational text about insects and take the quiz. Don't forget to go back to the text to find the answers to the questions. When you are finished with the quiz, record your score in your science journal. If you score below 70%, you will need to reread the article and retake the quiz.

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6. Final Project
Description: Now it is time to put your creativity to the test. You get to choose which final project you will complete to present to the class. 1. Make a model of an insect. See your teacher for supplies. 2. Write a poem about insects. Make sure you have as many characteristics of insects as possible. 3. Create a game to help others learn what makes an insect different from other creatures. 4. Write a fictional journal about a day in the life of your insect. 5. Paint a picture of your insect. Make sure to label all the different parts of the insect. Look at the rubric in the evaluation section to makes sure you score as many points as possible on your final project.
1. Videos
Description: Watch one or both of the videos to learn about insects and what makes them different from other creatures. Make sure you take notes in your science journal, you can pause the video to write your ideas. You will need to be able to explain what makes an insect different from other creatures. How many body parts do insects have? How many legs does an insect have? What other characteristics do they have that other creatures don't? Are they similar to other creatures in any way? Make sure to get the username and password from your teacher to view the videos.
Video Links
  • Insect Video
    Description: Segment 4 from the Arthropods video on Learn 360. A user name and password are required to view the video.
  • Insect Video
    Description: This is a Learn 360 video which requires a username and password.
  • Insect Lifecycle Video
    Description: This is a Learn 360 video which requires a username and password. It compare complete and incomplete metamorphosis.
4. Insect Hunt and Sort Insects
Description: Click on the link "Insect Hunt" to search for insects on land and in water to determine if a creature is an insect or not an insect. Click on the link "Am I an Insect?" and sort the creatures into the groups "is an insect" or "is not an insect". Play the game as many times as you need to score 12/12. Don't forget to use your notes from your science journal to help you sort the creatures.

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  • KidBlog
    Description: Go to our class blog and write about what you have learned. See if others in the class have the same understanding about insects that you do. Does anyone need help understanding the characteristics of insects?
2. Slideshow
Description: Watch the slideshow "Let's Talk About Insects". Make sure you add any information to your science journal that is different from what you learned in the video.
5. Create a New Insect
Description: Click on the "Insect Generator" below. Create your own insect using the head, thorax, and abdomen from different insects. Then click on "add information about your insect" to give your insect a name and add other facts about your insect. When you are done, print a copy of your insect.

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