Below are steps that you will need to follow in order to be successful in this project. You will use internet resources to search information about Brazil and the culture. The class will be broken up into groups of 3.   You may choose one of the themes,  and I will also assign another one to you.   You will be in two groups. 

Group 1:  Cities   Elsa, Carlos, Leo

Sao Paulo
Rio de Janeiro

Group 2: famous cuisine :
                      1.  Celeste, Maria, Alessandro

Group 3:  Rivers and waterfalls   Emma, Ricky, Marian

Iguacu Waterfall 1
Iguacu Waterfall 2
Amazon River

 Group 4:  Carnival:  Mariana, Montse, Pablo

Group 5:  Government and President of Brazil:   Cami, Hanna, Emma

Group 6:  culture   Lorenzo, Gerardo, Maria

People of Brazil:      Andr'es, Andrea, Montse

Group 7:  Languages :  Mariana, Marian

Group 8:  the flag  Gerardo,  Ana, Carlos

Group 9:  Currency:   Fer, Leo

Group 10:  Famous landmarks:  Santiago, Sebastian

Group 11:  Sports   1.  Pablo, Santi, Lorenzo    2.  Andres, Sebastian

Group 12:  The Amazon Rainforest:  Alessandro, Ricky

Group 13:  Animals and Plants:   Elsa, Fernando

Group 14:  Music:  1.   Cami, Ana Sofy, Celeste   2.  Hanna, Andrea

Each group will put together a presentation with all the information they have found. As a team they will present to the class and during International Week, to other classrooms.  Finally all three of the team members will all memorize a sentence in Portuguese(the native language), and say it as a closing statement to the class. Thus the grade will be based on:

    1. A written report where all team members will work together and gather all the information they have learned (individual reports).
    2. A visual aid where the class will see what everyone learned. (Powerpoint, Poster, etc.)
    3. How well each individual presented to the class and the visitors.
    4. Finally you will be graded based on the rubric written on the Evaluation page.


Description: The soccer team of Brazil playing at the World Cup!

Description: amazon

Description: A traditional Brazilian dish.

Description: Carnaval

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