Why Should Technology be Integrated into the Curriculum?



How to Create Meaningful Learning in the Classroom using Technology?

I.       What is Technology Integration?

1.     Using computers effectively and efficiently to introduce, reinforce, enrich, and assess student mastery of curricular content.

2.   The use of software and other technological device to support real-world applications so that students can gain a better understanding of how to use the computer    purposefully and creatively.

3.   Technology Integration is also an instructional focus that includes: teacher collaboration, planning, and teacher participation.

II.     Technology Integration Best Practices

1.     Best practices is referred to as effective instruction that is applied to practical and relevant teaching strategies that are research based and have been proven to work in the classroom.

2.     The Constructivism Approach allows students to construct knowledge by examining, exploring, explaining, and creating their own knowledge.

3.     Differentiating instruction is another key strategy teacherís can use to develop a diverse curriculum that better serves the needs of all learners.

III.     Student Perception

1.     Student perception explores how children define and use technology in the classroom.

2.     Student view technology as a motivate tool that makes their life easier and learning effortless. 

IV.     Teacher Perception 

1.     Teachers view technology as an instructional tool for delivering the subject matter more efficiently and effectively.

2.     Technology integration involves understanding teacherís motivation, perceptions, and beliefs about how technology is used to support student learning in the classroom, and curriculum goals.

V.      Biblical Integration

1.      How is technology integration viewed in the moral context?

2.      The importance of instituting a common balance in the use of technology.

VI.    Conclusion



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