Media Literacy



Television, billboards, magazine ads, , radio, internet ads and media devised as entertainment all contain advertisement.  An advertisement is a persuasive form of communication designed to create a psychological need in someone so that he or she purchases and uses a product. 

Important vocabulary

media:  vehicles used to communicate to mass audiences.  Some examples are newspapers, magazines, movies, computers, televisions, radios and music videos. 

media literacy:  the ability to understand the role of media in society.

propaganda:  information spread in a society with the intent of promoting a particular cause.

spin:  a biased statement which gives an appearance of truth but actually obscures the underlying meaning or reality.

subliminal persuasion:  underlying, subconscious messages.  See the short video by the BBC's Derren Brown where he proves subliminal suggestion works --video inserted below.

subtext:  an underlying message implied through the use of symbol, metaphor, characters, words and special effects used in advertising.

Advertising methods:

promise of a lifestyle:  the customer will be beautiful, strong or smart after using this product.

plain folks:  focused on the use of ordinary people to convince the customer to purchase the product.

testimonials:  the customer is influenced by a celebrity's likeability or attractiveness.

appeals to fear:  the customer is influenced by the fear of what will happen if he or she doesn't buy the product.

appeals to feel good
: the customer will be a better person or will contribute to the good of all mankind by purchasing the product.

  appealing to someone's love of country to sell their product.

glittering generalizations:   vague words of praise used to evoke a positive feeling about the product, but the words have very little specific or concrete meaning.

repetition:  the brand name or slogan is repeated over and over to make it stick in the customer's head.

View the prezi about Advertising Techniques (link to website below)


Derren Brown--subliminal messaging

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