Scientists Around the World



Task 1

     Using one of the websites listed below you will complete the Scientist Information Sheet on the scientist assigned by your teacher. Please fill in all sections of the information sheet using complete sentences. You will be looking for the following information about your scientist:

date of birth and death

home country

significant discoveries and accomplishments


Who is the most famous scientist of all time?


Who is the scientist that helped theworld think about our solar system and astronomy in a new way?


Who is the most talented person to have lived?


Who is the best-known primatologist?


Who is the most famous scientist of modern times?


Task 2

     Using the information you researched, write a paragraph about your scientist that you can share with the class. Be sure your paragraph is organized and makes sense. Carefully edit your paragraph. 

Task 3 

     Using the website listed below, find the flag of the country your scientist is from.   Draw the flag on a sheet of paper.  Color the flag.  You man NOT down load the flag.  

Flags of the World

Be sure you know where in the world the country is located. You will need to know for your presentation. If you are not sure, check out a world map and find the location of the country.




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