Great Barrier Reef



This photograph reveals the runoff from industrial waste, agriculture and sewerage as a brown plume. The aerial photograph was taken at Mossman which is 50km, north of Cairns.

1. Research a general overview of the Great Barrier Reef. Greenpeace, Wikipedia and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority are readable secondary sources of information which can be backtracked into primary sources.

2. Read various newspaper clippings (secondary source) to gain an insight into the debate regarding the impact industrialisation has upon the Reef. How are the conservationists struggling to preserve the Reef in pristine condition? How does the GBR government plan allow for human use from tourists, fishing ect. How does a change in the political and economic climate climate pose a potential threat to the GBR?


The Guardian, Bombs dropped on Great Barrier Reef Marine Park”, 21/7/ 2013.

"Ministers Ignore Industrial Threats to Great Barrier Reef", Environmental News Service, 10/7/2013. 

Owens, J 2013, “Leaking ship’s owners face $1 million fine over Great Barrier Reef”, The Australian, 5/4/2013. 

Mikkelsen, J, "Battle for the reef rages below poll surface", Crikey, 19/8/2013.

3. Read the Reef Water Quality Protection Plan 2013 published by the Queensland Government. 

Do you think this policy will effectively preserve the reef? Is this policy sufficient to counter the impact upon the environment of mining and shipping? Or is this an unfair task? Is the GBRMPA policy sufficient as far as it goes but-despite the goodwill of the scientists and planners-inadequate to realistically save the reef?

Take careful note of the scientific research presented in this plan (Primary source) to back its conclusions regarding current and future water quality. 
Form your own opinion regarding the credibility of this plan to save the Reef. 
Why are conservationist alarmed by the increasing industrial activity from mining and shipping?
Take note of the statement by Brad Fish, CEO North Queensland Bulk Ports Corporation regarding his understanding of scientific research on the GBR. 
Do you regard his statement as credible? Do you think the profit motive may have corrupted his judgement?

WEBSITE: www.reefplan.qld.gov.au.

4. Also check the CRC Reef Research Centre which is a Commonwealth-government funded scientific organisation and a great primary source of information.

WEBSITE: www.reef.crc.org.au. 


Description: The cartoonist uses the visual shorthand of exaggerated personal features, stereotypes and representative figures to create an image of Clive. List the elements the cartoonist has drawn to create this image. How is Clive dressed? What effect does this caricature create on the viewer? What point is the cartoonist making regarding Clive's credibility as a politician? Do you agree or disagree with this critique?
Clive Palmer by Warren Brown, Daily Telegraph
Description: CLICK ON CARTOON TO ENLARGE. Clive Palmer claims to be a coal-mining billionaire although he is actually only worth about A$900 million according to Forbes Rich List, Australia. (Forbes, 2013) He is a self-made millionaire and has an eccentric personality. He will probably win the Federal seat of Fairfax on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland at the next election. On 20 March 2012 (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) Clive claimed that Greenpeace is funded by the American CIA. How credible do you think his claims are? Do you think it is possible that Clive Palmer has gone troppo? Troppo is an Australian slang word for someone who has gone crazy from living in the tropical heat. Possibly Clive has lived in Queensland a bit too long for his health. Form your own opinion.

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