Let's Plan For College



Step 1: Visit www.amazon.com, www.bestbuy.com, and www.officedepot.com to compare prices of laptops and chose a laptop that you want.  

Step 2: Plan a monthly budget around saving up for your new computer. Make sure to include expenses for food, entertainment, school supplies, and most importantly, your new laptop. 
Step 3: Using Microsoft Excel, create a pie chart with all of the different elements of your budget. Print out pie chart. 
Step 4: Come up with an equation to calculate how many months it will take to save up for your laptop, using the budget that you created. This equation should be in the form: y = mx + b. 
(Hint: Don't forget to add in the money you earned over the summer.)
Step 5:  Find one area of your budget that you can remove at least $10 and move it towards your laptop savings. 
Step 6: Recreate the equation using your new budget and calculate the new amount of time it would take you to save up for your laptop. 
Step 7: Calculate the difference in time that the small change in your budget made. 
Step 8: Decide if you need to keep taking from other expenses to save up for your laptop or if the budget you have now is acceptable. (Is the laptop you picked out too expensive? Do you need to pick out another laptop to stay in your budget?)
Step 9: What did you learn from this experience? How will this help you create a budget in the future once you get a job and want more expensive things?

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