The Time Machine




In this web quest you will explore author H.G. Wells biography and  interesting facts about him and his predictions for the future.  Follow the directions below and have fun researching!

Part 1

H.G.Wells found a way to travel in time to the future—our classroom—and speak to us about time travel.  He will be here in two days.  When he arrives, it is your job to introduce him to the class. Research the biography web site below and write a half-page (minimum) introduction that will dazzle your peers and get them hooked on this brilliant man and all he has to say. 

H.G.Wells Biography



Research this web site to answer the questions that follow:

Trademarks, Fun Facts, and Quotes


a.  Wells has certain trademark in his books (common things that appear in every book he writes). What are two of those trademarks?

b.  Name 3 interesting facts about Wells.

c.  Choose one of Wells’ personal quotes and write a one paragraph personal response.

Part 3

Wells made predictions for the future in his writing. Some of these predictions are now a reality, and some are yet to become a reality.  Research the website below and record the predictions in an organized list.




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