List-Group-Label: Intro to the Civil War



Review the list below:

Civil War                            Chattanooga                     commandeered                              Railroads            

Gallows                              telegraph lines                 Communication                              supply

Wrecked                            conductor                             volunteered                                    Medal of Honor              

Hanged                                 Texas                                   Union                                            Confederate                    

Stolen                                 passenger cars                 boxcars                                                 pursuit 

Prisoners                           throttle                                civilian                                               soldiers               

Captured                           general                               locomotive                                       slavery

Look up any words you are not familiar with using:




(you can also find the links at the bottom on the page)

Group these words in any way you feel logical. If a teacher or peer were to ask you why you put words together, you need to be able to explain it. Then give each
group label.

After you have made and labeled your groups you may find a buddy to share your work with. Show them how and why you grouped your words. Notice similarities and difference between your work.

Read the intro section of The Civil War for Kids.

After reading look back over the groups you have formed. Think of changes you would make after reading. Are there any words you would add? Consider this question and continue to the conclusion.


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