1. Before you start the web quest, please write down the following questions and be prepared to answer them.  All of the answers can be found in the video and in the fast facts section.

What is the Trail of Tears and why was it called by this name?

When did this event happen?

How many Native Americans were affected by this event?

Name the various Native American groups that were affected?

What caused this event to happen?

Where did the Trail of Tears end?

Who was the President and what role did he play?

How were their lives different after the Trail of Tears?

Was the Trail of Tears legal?

Name the tribes that were removed from their home to the new location?

2. Watch the following video by clicking on the link below:


3. Next, read the fast facts page about the Trail of Tears by clicking on the following link:


4.  Answer the questions listed above.  You may replay the video or reread the facts if needed.

5.  Click on the link below to look at a picture about the Trail of Tears.  How do you think the Native Americans are feeling?  Add this answer to your short story.


6.  Click on the link below to look at the map.  Use the map to answer the last question on the list above.


 7.  Write a short story about how you would feel if you were forced to move out of your house and relocated to another place. 

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