Moon Phases



In a composition journal, put your name and title "Moon Phase Calendar" at the top of the page.  Each night of the month of September you are to go outside and look at the moon.  Write down the date, time, and moon phase for each night of the month.  On nights that you are unable to see the moon, simply write  next to the date and time "unobservable".  Next to each entry, draw a picture of what the moon looks like that night.  At the end of the month you will create a Moon Phase Calendar out of poster board for the month of September and place a diagram of your journal entries at  the bottom of the calendar.  See the attachment of a June Moon Phase Calendar and Diagram for a reference of what you are expected to achieve in this assignment.


1. Journal
2. Poster Board
3. Crayons/Markers
4. Paper
5. Pencil

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