2Q: Exploring Modern Human Migrations


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Group Assignments-
  • Groups 1 & 2 : Migrations of the Romani people since the 1400s
  • Groups 3 & 4: Migration of Jews to Palestine in the 20th Century
  • Groups 5 & 6: Migration of the "boat people" out of Vietnam after the end of the Vietnam War in 1975
  • Groups 7, 8 & 9 Migration of Afghans after the Soviet invasion in 1979

Step 1: Once your team has been assigned a Modern Migration Group, find the article about that group below and read it.   Be sure to KNOW the following about your migration group:

a. When did the migration occur?
b. Where did it start and end?
c. What were the reasons for the migration?  Were there PUSH factors and PULL factors?  What were they?
d. What challenges did humans face on the migration?

Step 2: Plot the migration route(s) of your assigned migration group, on your team's map.  On an INDEX CARD create a brief summary for each place PLOTTED on the map, so as to give a NARRATIVE to the group's movement.  Let your map tell the story.  Take a photo of the MAP and email to your teacher.
Beavers= paul.beavers@mnps.org   
Pinhey= caitlin.pinhey@mnps.org

FINISHED PRODUCT:  When you are finished you should have a  MAP that explains the circumstances surrounding your groups' migration and shows where all they moved.  

Each  team will have an opportunity to view the Migration Map of the other teams and give feedback.

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How to Add Locations to Human Migration Map

Description: This will show some of the tools you need to use when creating your migration map on Google Maps. Be sure to give your MAP a TITLE and using information from your article write a small DESCRIPTION(in the LEFT column). The introduction should be one sentence.

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