"Haswell" explained



You will be divided into groups of 3, by the order of your student ID and by the end of the week you should jointly go through the following process:

1.      Take a look at the corresponding websites to visit, but also do your own research and analyze information:

a.      Group 1 should provide quick overview of the historical time-lapse for Intel’s family of processors, with tabular showcase of quantitative and qualitative change of number and size of transistors,cache, instructions,  clock rate and cores.

b.     Group 2 will concentrate on  the current release of “Haswell” architecture and provide detailed specification of its features,

c.      Group 3 will perform comparative analysis of improvements provided by “Haswell” architecture over the previous generation of processors by Intel, as well display the expected characteristics of the upcoming “tick” family of Intel,

2.      Each group will create a PowerPoint presentation, where all the gathered information should be displayed,

3.      At the end of presentation, you should provide individual opinion on the subject:

a.      “Which major microprocessor producer is your favorite choice for home computing? Explain your stance briefly.”


Intel processors history
Haswell video presentation

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