Who Wrote Shakespeare's Plays?



Step 1.
First of all, search the Internet for possible sources of mock trial and other trial preparation information. Prepare for the roles of judges, attorneys (defense and prosecution), jury members, witnesses, and the "defendant" himself. Choose witnesses and the ''defendant" in advance. 
Gain familiarity with both sides of the Shakespearean authorship controversy.
While examining the subject matter answer the following questions:
1. Whose hand held the quill?
2. Did Shakespeare write all the plays attributed to him?
3. Where did Shakespeare get his ideas? 
3. Why are there questions about his authorship?
7. How did Shakespeare change the plots of the stories he used?
8. To whom is Shakespeare indebted as an author and why?
9. What are some of the issues both scholars and critics have debated about Shakespeare?
10. Who are the purported 'real' authors, and what are they supposed to have written?

Step 2
Divide into two groups: one working for the prosecution, one for the defense. 
Gather evidence for your party, review any plays or scenes to be introduced as evidence during the mock trial. Report the proceedings through writing, sketching, or video for news media.


Web Link
  • Shakespeare Online
    Description: In-depth and accurate Shakespeare information, including free play analysis, Shakespeare's biography, essays, answers to common Shakespeare questions

Web Link
  • The Shakespeare Authorship Page
    Description: Comprehensive resource supporting the view that William Shakespeare is the author of the works attributed to him. Contains texts of articles and essays.

Web Link
  • The Shakespeare Mystery
    Description: An irreverent investigation into the life and times of Shakespeare. This site includes several debates and mock trials based on the authorship controversy. Tapes and transcripts are also available.

Web Link

Web Link
Shakespeare Authorship Controversy

Description: The vid of all the possible candidates who supposedly wrote the plays under the name of Shakespeare

Web Link
  • Shakespeare Oxford Society Homepage
    Description: Maryland, U.S.-based nonprofit organization that identifies Edward de Vere, 17th earl of Oxford, as the author of the works attributed to William Shakespeare.

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