Culture Shock! Business in China



From Canada to China (and Back):

1) The Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada site offers a Canadian perspective on China. To begin read the following article:


2) The Chinese foreign affairs site offers a Chinese perspective on Canadian culture and their relationship to the country. Please make note of significant points that you see fit in the article:


3) Understanding what both parties think about each other can play as an advantage. You become more aware of how each entity views of the other in terms of culture, business and their relationships.


Introduction to Chinese Etiquette:

1) This webquest discusses the nature of doing business in China. Please view the following website to gther information of Chinese culture and the nature of their business practices:


2) After reviewing the site, open attachment file 1 to fill out the quiz. This will help test and apply your knowledge of what you have gained so far in this webquest.


Logistics and Management:

1) Please open attachment file 2 and read the following powerpoint on logistics and management of business operations in China.


Conducting Business in China:

1) There are many differences that seperate between doing business in Canada and in China. Please watch this video and observe the differences:




1) Hong Kong's importance to China is something that a business person must understand. There is plenty of potential in Hong Kong to conduct business as there is in China. Please open attachment file 3 and make note of significant information.

2) After reading the article, test yourself and indentify the most important role Hong Kong plays in international trade between China and foreign markets. 


Test Yourself

1) Now that you are aware of typical cultural points, as well as how the Chinese approach business, test how much you know. Open the following link to the online quiz:



Presence of Tommorrow:

1) China is the fastest growing economy today and stands to become one of the most dominating forces in the business world. It is imparitive that you as a businessmen understand the ever-changing business environment. Please open the link and read the article:










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