Day and Night



By answering these questions you will be experts about our Earth in no time!

1. What is rotation? You will use this website to explain to me what rotation means, and what causes rotation.

2. You will then go to one of these websites and explain "How long does it take the Earth to rotate in one day?"

3. Then, using this website you will explain to me what causes day and night.

4. After this, you will look to find out how our Earth rotates, and the reasons nighttime and daytime occur. Do this activity to justify your answer.

5. Up until this point, you will have a pretty good understanding as to why day and night occur. I would now like you to illustrate a picture. Watch this video so you have a clearer understanding and a little more review of our Earth's rotation.

6. Your picture will be either of daytime or nighttime. Expand your knowledge, and think outside of the box. Be creative with the illustration, and a written explanation underneath the picture.

7. You must explain to me if you could choose, WHICH ONE would you be, and WHY? Your choices are: DAYTIME or NIGHTTIME.

8. Be sure to neatly color in your picture,  make sure your explanation underneath your picture is clear and write your name on it.

9. Once you are finished, go to this website to see different shadows that can be created due to lightness and darkness created on an object.

10. Now its time to present your illustrations to the class one by one!

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