Different Table Manners



1st step: Brainstorming

Teacher will introduce the topic: "Table Manners" and she will ask students some experience or knowledge they have about differences in table manners in any countries in the world.

(1st lesson) 


2nd step: Introducing some sources

The teacher gives students some helpful web pages and other sourses where they can find information about the task.








(1st lesson)


3rd step: Giving instructions

The teacher divides the class into two groups and assigns one group with the topic Japanese table manners and the other with British table manners. She introduces them the divisions they must cover in their research, which are following:


  1. Table Setting
  2. General behaviour
  3. Utensils
  4. Dining
  5. Behaviour at the end of the meal

(1st lesson)


4th step: Students' participation

Students in each group will split particular topics among them and they will make their own research. They make a list of information about the given topic and will prepare necessary equipment to demonstrate it in front of the class.

Students will work in computer class using the internet and they should make notes. 

(2nd lesson) 


5th step: Project in process

Students are supposed to work on the project every compulsory English lesson at school during the given week. They should find, summarize organize and discuss the task for the final presentation. Students should bring their own notes from previous lessons or home research, printed or saved on flash card.

Teacher's participation is minimal, she/he only answers some of the pupils' inquiries if it is neccessary.

(3rd - 6th lesson)


6th step: Final demonstration

Each group from the class will have one lesson (45 minutes) for presenting and demonstration their topic of the project.

(7th - 8th lesson)


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