Elements of Art and Design



You are to research on the following elements of art in groups with five (5) persons or more. Each group will present on a different element or combination of elements. These are outlined below.


  1. Lines and Space
  2. Colour and Value
  3. Shape and Form
  4. Texture
Each group is to create a presentation in the form of either a song or a skit. The links with the information can be found below. 

NOTE: Ensure that you read up on all the elements before going into groups.


Web Link
  • Texture
    Description: Definition of texture
The colour Wheel

Web Link
  • Elements
    Description: Defining the elements of art
Primary Colours

Web Link
  • Shape
    Description: Definition of shape
Shapes Video

Web Link
  • Value
    Description: Definition of value

Web Link
  • Line
    Description: Definition of line

Web Link

Web Link
  • Colour
    Description: Definition of colour

Web Link
  • Form
    Description: Definition of form

Web Link
  • Space
    Description: Definition of Space

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