Non-Fiction Text Features Webquest



1.  Using the resources provided, review non-fiction text features. Resources are found at the bottom of the page.  

     *Watch the BrainPop video focusing on non-fiction text.  
     Login: carondelet
     Password: cla123

     *Listen to the non-fiction text features rap on teacher tube.  

     *Re-read through the ABC of text features PowerPoint attached at the bottom. 

2.  Research different text features author's use by clicking on the links below.  While you are researching, complete the "BIG CHIMP" graphic organizer given to you when you.  

3.  With your partner, brainstorm for your PowerPoint.  The next section will have specific directions.  

Creating a PowerPoint: 

*Open Microsoft Office PowerPoint on a laptop computer. 
*Create new slideshow. 
*Immediately save the PPT to the computer under "My Documents" (or just Documents) in the following format:  lastname.firstname.homeroomteacher
Ex.  boyd.darnyra.herman
*Play around with the program for a few minutes to familiarize yourself with its features.  Change the templates and designs.  
*Begin locating and taking pictures of your text features from the internet or classoroom.  Be sure you are saving the images to a specific place so that we can delete them when we are finished uploading. 

At the bottom are some suggestions for help with PowerPoint if you need them.  Be sure to look through them.  

PowerPoint Requirements:

1.  You must include no less than 15 DIFFERENT text features. 
2. Each text feature must me labeled and include a visual example.  
3. You can put more than one text feature on a slide so that you don't have a ton of slides. 
4. Proper spelling and grammar. 
5. Eye-catching, creative, and complete.    


Web Link
Websites for Use With Graphic Organizer
Description: Use these websites to help you complete your "BIG CHIMP" graphic organizer.
Resources for PowerPoint Help
Description: Use these resources if you need help with PowerPoint.

Web Link
Non Fiction Rap

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