The 5 Themes of Geography in Chicago, IL.



The Process Overview

Hello. You will be assigned to a team 4-5 students.  Teacher will be assigning, please be respectful.

 Each team will be responsible for the following:

 1. A folder or large envelop that is decorated with a welcoming theme on it.

2. A  brief description of the city from each of the 5 theme's point of view

  • Theme 1: Location, Position on the Earth’s Surface. Explain the location city of Chicago and its relationship to Lake Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin.
  • Theme 2: Place, Natural and Cultural Characteristics. Describe Chicago from it's landforms, weather, climate and types of plant life that can grow, what types of animals roam free in the region? What human characteristics are on the land?
  • Theme 3: Relationships within Places, Humans and Environments. How have and do people in Chicago adjust to their environment? What are the relationships among people and places? What are the needs of people in a large city and how has Chicago made changes to the land to fit those needs?
  • Theme 4: Movement, Humans Interacting on the Earth. How do people move around the city? What are some major industries that other regions depend of Chicago for? Why would people visit Chicago?
  • Theme 5: Regions, How They Form and Change. Describe the Chicago land Region (Chicago and it's surrounding suburbs), how is the Chicago land region different from other regions?

Please use the group task link to begin the group portion.

Each Individual Will

1. Research a landmark, facility, or attraction in the city and describe:

  • How it services residents and tourists for recreation or leisure time.
  • What benefits it has for educational purposes.
  • How it helps people to learn more about people of other cultures in the city.
  • In what ways do you think people decided to use this land for this purpose and not for homes or industry?
  • Can you think of any other needs it may meet for child, adults, the elderly, or all groups?
  • How can we be good citizens when we visit this location?

You will be given list of location to choose from, they will be sub-divided, so select an area of interest and then a building, facility, or attraction.

If you have any questions please ask!

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