Stand Up to Bullying



OK...are you ready?!  Let's get started!


1st step:  Form into groups of 3 - 4 students. 


2nd step:  Now you need to gather information on all the four points which need to be covered.  The following are the links from which this information can be obtained:


Point 1: Information about bullying: the different types, who are the bullies and who are the victims.








Point 2:  The kind of harm bullying can cause.




Point 3:  What the victim of bullying can do.






Point 4:  What bystanders can do.




3rd step:  Once you've gathered all the information, you now need to choose which ones you will use for your manual.  It is very important not to copy any data found word by word.  The following is the number of words allocated for each point: 

Point 1:  250 words

Point 2:  200 words

Point 3:  250 words

Point 4:  200 words

Note:  It is ok to exceed the word limit!   


4th step:  Now that you have all the information, you can concentrate on the most exciting part ie. compiling the manual.  This is done by:

1. Printing the title 'Stand up to bullying', together with the names of the students in the group, on an A4 paper.

2.  Printing another page for the index, which must contain 4 chapters, each representing one of the 4 points, and the page numbers each are in.

 3.  Printing the information gathered on each point, seperately, so that each chapter starts on a fresh page with the title clear on top. 

4.  Binding up all the printed papers in a unique manual compiled by yourselves. 

5.  Hand it in to your teacher. 


Step 5:  Relax and be satisfied that your work will then be exhibited at your school for a whole week, as part of an anti-bullying campaign.  During this week, all the other students in your school will have time to take a look at these manuals and to read them.  


Now here comes the exciting news!........

The manual which gets the best total evaluation mark will be printed and published by the school, and all the students in your school will get a copy of it! 


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