In this WebQuest you will be working in a small group. You will have time  to do your research and prepare your Google presentation

BODY SYSTEMS                                  

1. Skeletal      2. Muscular     3. Digestive      4. Respiratory     5. Nervous     6. Circulatory   7. Excretory

Step 1 - Collecting Information and Graphics

  • Make a collection of information and graphics. Use the questionaire. 
  • Answer  the  questions. 
  • Make a composition using the questions below. 
  • Please remember to copy the web addresses of the Internet  sites that you get your information from.

Background Questions:

  1. Name of your system.
  2. Location of your system.
  3. Role your system plays in the body.
  4. Parts of your system.
  5. Functions of the parts in your system.
  6. Does it work with other systems in the body? If so, which ones and how?
  7. Ways to keep your system healthy.
  8. If your system doesn't work properly what could happen?
  9. Why is your system important to the body?
  10. What would happen to the body if your system was shut down?

 Step 2 - Preparing Your Presentation

Use PowerPoint to create the presentation you will use to convince the others in the class to keep your system.

As you work on your presentation, you will need to make sure:

  • It is written in your own words
  • Your spelling is correct
  • You use complete sentences
  • Your writing is checked by your teacher


You will need to create a total of 8 slides.

Slide 1: Title Slide Include the name of the body system and authors of the presentation

Slide 2: Major PartsWhat are the main parts of your body system? What are their functions?

Slide 3: Labeled diagram of your system.

Slide 4: Functions What is the role of your system?

Slide 5: Problems and Diseases  What diseases are associated with your system?

 Slide 6: Staying Health    What can people do to keep your system healthy?

Slide 7: If our system is eliminated...   Why should the  Directors keep your body system?

Slide 8: Resources List of the resources you used. Include any Internet addresses.


digestive system
Description: Major parts
skeletal system
Description: major parts
respiratory system
Description: Major parts
urinary system
Description: Major parts
muscular system
Description: Major parts and functions
systems functions
Description: systems functions parts and interaction with other systems
inner body
Description: Here you can see all the parts of your body systems and it can help you labelling them.
biology for kids
Description: Learn about functions of the systems

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