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Let's get started! Click on the links to get to websites and places with answers to the questions.  You may have to look through and read several parts of the websites to get to the answers.  Respond in complete sentences and be sure to be original.  In other words, do not just copy straight from the site you were just viewing.  Read and put together the information to create the best answers you can.  You can download the questions as a Word document below and then use it in the background to type up the answers to the questions as you go.  Do not print it out until you are completely done.

Shakespeare's Life Click here to answer these questions.

1. How much do we know about Shakespeare's life? Why?

2. Where was Shakespeare born?

3. What date was he born on?

4. Did Shakespeare ever get married? If so, to whom?

5. Shakespeare established himself as an ____________ and _________________

6. What day did he die? What is unusual about this date?

7. What did he leave his wife in his will?


Religion Click here 

http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/religion-elizabethan-england.htm to answer these questions

8. What were the two major religions in Elizabethan England?

9. Who dictated the favoured religion?

10. Which Monarchs reigned during this time? When?

11. Which religion did each Monarch believe in?

12. How did each Monarch treat those who did not follow their favoured religion?

13. Why did Queen Elizabeth I ban all performances of religious plays and stories? http://www.musesrealm.net/writings/shakespeareengland.ht

Elizabethan Period Click here

http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/elizabethan-period.htm to answer these questions

14. What was the Elizabethan Period?

15. When was this period?

16. What was the most significant invention of this time and why?

17. What did this lead to a renewed interest in?

18. During this period, what were unexplained events blamed on?

19. Why were people of this period superstitious?

 20. What were the four humours and what were they associated with? http://classweb.gmu.edu/rnanian/humours.html

Click here
http://www.elizabethan-era.org.uk/elizabethan-clothing.htm to answer this question

21. How was Elizabethan class structure maintained?

22. What was the Chain of Being and what did it uphold? Click here   http://schoolworkhelper.net/2010/08/the-chain-of-being-shakespeare/                   

23. What is the Rotae Fortuna?    Click http://en.academic.ru/dic.nsf/enwiki/1535026                                                   

Please go to the resources at the bottom of this page and watch the brief video about Queen Elizabeth I during Shakespeare's time.

Education Click here  http://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/SLT/ideas/boys.html 

24. What did education depend on?

25. What was the main purpose of schooling?

26. Why were students taught Latin?                            

27. What were girls from wealthy families educated in?

Click here http://internetshakespeare.uvic.ca/Library/SLT/ideas/girls.html 

29. Why were courses in university conducted in Latin? Click here http://elizabethan.org/compendium/54.html

Elizabethan Theatre
Click here to answer these questions.

30. What was the general feeling towards plays during this period in time?

31. What was the name of the first theatre?

32. What was the name of the most famous theatre?

33. What happened to this theatre?

34. Where did people sit or not sit?

35. When did they have performances? Why?

36. How many women performed in these plays?

37. What did the audience do if they didn't like the performance?


Assignment: Using the books and the computer, find a costume that would be appropriate for you to wear if you were to turn up in Elizabethan England so that you would fit in.  Identify your social class, the type of clothing you are wearing, and what the particular outfit is appropriate for.  Print out or photocopy the picture and place it in your folder with the identifying information on it.

 Shakespeare's Influence Click here http://www.musesrealm.net/writings/shakespeareengland.html to answer these questions

38. What does Shakespeare's work provide reference for?

39. What were Shakespeare's histories a tribute to?

40. What was Shakespeare attempting to do with these tributes?

Click here to answer these questions.

41. How many words did Shakespeare invent?

42. Give an example of a word or phrase we have gotten from Shakespeare.

43. Name one poet who was influenced by Shakespeare.


Assignment:  Find one sonnet written by William Shakespeare. Print it out and write down the rhyme scheme. Find out what this particular type of writing and rhyme scheme is called.  Place it in your folder.

The Globe Theater - On the second day you are here, you will be going to The Globe theater through the use of technology. Click here to go to The Globe:  http://http://www.kvl.cch.kcl.ac.uk/THEATRON/

44.  Who built the Globe theater originally?

45.  Who was James Burbage?

46.  When did the lease end on the theater?  What happened when it ended?


Click on the passageway for these questions:

47. What are theater goers who stood before the stage called? What is different about the yard there?

48. How was the stage set up? How large was it? How were posts used?

Click on the stage area for these questions:

49.  What are two-penny rooms? Describe and explain.


50.  What are gentlemen's rooms? Describe and explain.


Click on the doorway beneath the balcony, and you will come to a page entitled "View of the inner stage and music gallery." 

51.  What is the inner stage and how is it used?  Describe and explain.


52.  What is the music gallery?


Click here for more words or phrases from Shakespeare. Write down two that you know and explain what they mean.

 We all know that Shakespeare's language is a little different from ours--hey, it was written a few hundred years ago. Click on this link to be insulted "professionally." (which we will see plenty of in the play)!



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