Homeostasis and Zombies (Or… how you too can survive the Zombie Apocalypse)



1.  Decide if you want to work by yourself or with a partner.

2. Decide what format you would like to do your project in.
3. Read the "Introduction."
4. In your journal, take notes on each section that needs to be regulated. Write down what is being regulated, how it is regulated, and what body system regulates it.

Graphic Organizer for Step 4 of Process

What’s Being Regulated

System Responsible

How Regulated




Oxygen Levels



Blood Sugar



Blood Pressure and Heart Rate



 5. Choose an organ system and click on the link that explains the organ system.
6. In your journal, for the organ system you have chosen, explain: what it regulates, how regulating it helps maintain homeostasis, and what the main organs are.

Organ System Chosen

How it works

Main Organs/main parts




7. Make a list of all the items you would need to survive and explain how it would help you maintain homeostasis.
8. Devise an effective way of killing zombies. Explain.
9. Take ALL of the information you have found and put it in the project format. Make your project creative! Humanity is counting on you...
10. Look at the checklist and make sure you have all parts of your project.

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