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There will be three or four employees on your Trading Card Team. Each member will responsible for working together to brainstorm characteristics of a hero and reach a consensus of four people who fit those characteristics and deserve to have their own "Hero" Trading Cards.

1.  What makes a hero? Start by brainstorming some ideas of certain characteristics that a hero might have. You should use some sort of graphic organizer like the ones attached below.  You may print one of those or make one of your own, but you need a hard copy of it as you will be handing it in with your finished product.  Once you have several ideas in your organizer, you will need to agree on and write a statement that states what your group believes makes a hero. 

2.  Next, using the links below, your group will research people that others have deemed as heroes.  You will need to take notes about their lives and their heroic deeds and characteristics.  You will need to have the following information about your heroes:

  • Time period in which hero lived
  • Location where hero lived
  • What hero's job or work is/was (Role)
  • Events that happened in hero's life
  • How did hero react or change after these events (Response)
  • What problem or challenge was hero trying to solve
  • What outcome or end result was hero trying to achieve; did the hero succeed/what happened
  • A memorable quote from your hero
  • What action really got your hero some attention
  • How did your hero get along with others
  • What is your personal impression of your hero--did you like him or her and why; what about the person inspired you to make a Hero Trading Card for him/her--this is the place where you tell me WHY you chose this person


3.  Now you are ready to make your actual Hero Trading Cards.  Using the Read Write Think link below, you will navigate to a trading card maker.  Where it asks for a name, somehow indicate all group members in the space provided (initials, etc.).  Then follow the steps filling in the required information about your hero and his/her life.  You will choose the trading card template for a real person.


4.  Finally, you will print all four of your trading cards to hand in along with your graphic organizer that shows your brainstorming and your group's statement about what makes a hero. 

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