Issues in Africa



Issue #1 - Education

Article Website:  Education is Critical to Tackling the Long-Term Consequences ofthe Famine in Somalia

1.      What problems are occurring in Sub-SaharanAfrican countries like Somalia and Mogadishu?

2.      Name three countries that have been providingassistance to these Sub-Saharan African countries?

3.      Who has suffered the most at the hands of thefamine?  What are they without?

4.      According to UNICEF what will happen to half theteachers in southern Somalia?

5.      How many students might drop out of school dueto the famine? 

6.      What can severely handicap children later inlife?

7.      What have quality early childhood developmentopportunities shown?

8.      How many people have been moved to the Dadaabrefugee camp in Kenya?

9.      Who suffers more from the famine anddisplacement to refugee camps?  Boys orGirls

10.  What can be done by humanitarian organizationsto help with the problems in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Issue #2 - Apartheid

Article Website - Apartheid

Historical Background

1.      Name two of South Africa’s resources.

2.      When did apartheid officially begin?

3.      Who came to South Africa in the mid-17thCentury?

4.      What did the white settlers do to the Africans whenthe arrived in South Africa?

5.      Explain the “Scramble for Africa”.

6.      Did the British give the Blacks any rights?

7.      In what aspects of life could racial segregationand white domination be seen?

Apartheid in Action

8.      When, who, and how was the apartheid created?

9.      Name and described one of the bills passedduring the apartheid.


10.  How were the schools in South Africa separated?

11.  In what condition were the schools for the Blackchildren?

Resistance toApartheid

12.  Name one of the first political organizations inAfrica that opposed the apartheid.

13.  Who is Nelson Mandela and summarize what he didduring the apartheid

The Outside World

14.  Did the apartheid receive internationalattention?

15.  How tried to help Africa during the apartheid inSouth Africa?

The End of Apartheid

16.  When did apartheid come to an end?

17.  What is the government in South Africa doing tosmooth the transition?

Issue #3 - Poverty

Article Website - Rural Poverty in Africa

Rural poverty inAfrica

1.      What is Africa’s population estimated to be?

2.      Where do most of Africa’s poor people live?

3.      How many people in Sub-Saharan Africa live inextreme poverty?

4.      Name a reason for rural poverty in many areas ofAfrica.

5.      Why hasn’t the poverty situation in Africaimproved?

6.      What is HIV/AIDS doing to the rural poverty inAfrica?

Western and MiddleAfrica

7.      How many people in Western and Middle Africalive in rural areas and depend on agriculture?

8.      _________ in five people live in a countryaffected by warfare.

9.      What problems are reaching alarming levels andmaking it hard to farm the land?

Eastern and SouthernAfrica

10.  _________ of the 21 countries in the region havean average annual per capita income of less than US$400.

11.  Using Google, define per capita income.

12.  Where do the poorest people in Eastern andSouthern Africa live?

Northern Africa

13.  What percent of Somalians live below thenational poverty line?

14.  What are the reasons for rural poverty inNorthern Africa?

15.  Do the poor have political influence in NorthernAfrica?

Issue #4 - Hunger

Article Website - 'A Cry for Help': Hunger and Drought Crisis in WestAfrica

(Watch the Video) – 3 minutes

1.      The United Nations states that the __________region of West Africa is being affected by a __________ crisis.

2.      The UN estimates that how many people in thisregion are suffering from food shortages caused by drought and conflict?

3.      How many specifically are children?

4.      What is the UN doing to stop the famine?

Save the Children

5.      What is Save the Children trying to do for thisregion?

6.      According to this organization, $39 could helphow many people?

7.      What could $2.35 do?


8.      What is Oxfam trying to do for this region?

9.      Oxfam says, “Save an animal, ___________________________________________________”.

10.  According to Oxfam what is the most acute andimmediate need?

11.  According to Oxfam, what could $40 pay for? $80?$140?

World Food Programme

12.  According to the World Food Programme, the mainhelp it needs is _____________________________.

13.  How is WFP funded?

14.  What is it geared to provide?

15.  For the WFP to feed everyone who needs help, howmuch would that cost?

16.  Who is Jane Howard?

17.  What does Howard say is the number 1 need?

18.  She also says that two months of treatment coulddo what?

With the followingorganizations, I want to you to tell me who they are, what they are trying todo for this region of the world, how they are trying to do it, and if availablewhat citizens like you and me could do to help.

19.  UNICEF:

20.  Doctors Without Borders:

21.  GlobalGiving:

22.  World Vision:

23.  Concern Worldwide:

Issue #5 - Water

Article Website - The Water Project

Poverty in AfricaBegins with a Lack of Clean Water

1.      What is the greatest cause of poverty in Africa?

2.      How many people do not have access to clean,safe water?

3.      Is this issue with water a solvable problem?

Access to Clean Water– the Foundation of all Development

4.      Name two obstacles not having water create? 

5.      What do some able bodied members of a villagehave to do to get clean, safe water?

Wasted Time

6.      The United Nations estimates that Sub-SaharanAfricans lose how many hours per year collection water?

7.      What could these people be doing if they weren’tspending so much time collecting water?

8.      The World Health Organization has stated thatfor every $1 invested in water and sanitation, what is the return?

How We’re Helping

9.      What is the Water Project doing to help?

10.  What is the Water Projects goal?

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