Healthy LifeStyle



Step 1

Increase your activity. Leading a sedentary lifestyle isn't healthy. Instead of sitting around, you should get upand move. At least 30 minutes of exercise on five days of the week, or 2.5hours per week, is recommended for adults; however, you can reap even more health benefits by doubling this amount to one hour daily for a total of five hours per week.Children should exercise for one hour daily. The exercise must be vigorous or moderate intensity. This means that you must at least have an elevated  heart rate and sweat while you work out.Walking,lifting weights, running, playing sports or participating in an exercise class are possible activities you can do.

Step 2

Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Eating foods that are high in fat or contain a lot of calories isn't healthy. As part of your healthy lifestyle, you must eat a diet that is based on the Food Pyramid. Choose low fat, low calorie items from each of the five major food groups -- protein, milk, vegetables, grains and fruits. Ensure that your daily calorie count is within the suitable  limits of 1,800 to 2,200 calories daily for adult women or 2,400 to 2,800 calories for adult men, according to the Dietary Guidelines. The more active you are, the closer to the upper limit your daily calorie intake should be.


Control stress. When you have a lot of stress in your life, you are likely to suffer from conditions, such  as headache, anger, drug abuse, eating disorders and fatigue. Because of these negative effects on your health, controlling stress is an important part of creating a healthy lifestyle. Try to remove stresses in your life. For example,if you suffer from financial stress, minimize your bills and create a budget.If you have friends that stress you out, leave them alone or deal with them less. For stresses that you can't control, such as stress at work, learn coping techniques such as deep breathing or visualization.

Step 4

Quit unhealthy habits such as using tobacco, drinking alcohol or using street drugs, which all go against the principles of a healthy lifestyle. These unhealthy habits have negative effects on your health, such as increasing your risk of cancer, decreasing your mental capacity and affecting your mood. If you are unable to quit these habits on your own, contact a doctor or addiction specialist to help you come up with a plan to help you quit.

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