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After choosing a partner, you and your partner should think about what state or city you would want to choose in creating this brochure. By using the internet, search for different regions in Germany, pick 3 of them and learn a little about each. After doing so, pick the one that interests you and your partner the most and learn more about that city or state.

By clicking on the links below, you and your partner should locate where in Germany, your city or state is and know what state your city is in or what other states boarder the one that you have chosen. In these 5 links you can find very useful information for the city or state that you and your partner picked.

Now that you and your partner know what city or state you want to create a brochure for, begin further research on what you have chosen. Learn more about that regions culture, ways of living and dialect. In your brochure, you must include specific information about your topic. This information includes: Current population, languages/dialect spoken, when it became a city or state, what sports are played there, it's capital, it's German name, it's flag, it's location, what states boarder it, list 3 tourist attractions, and name a restaurant and kind of food eaten in that part of Germany.

Be sure to include pictures to your brochure and print it out so it is double sided and in color. Be creative while constructing this project and make sure all of your information is factual.


Web Link
  • German Map
    Description: This website consists of 3 German maps with it's states, cities and capitals.

Web Link
  • German States Game
    Description: This game is designed to help the user understand the location of all of the German states and major cities.

Web Link
  • German State Origins
    Description: This website displays the origins and the coat of arms of the German federal states.

Web Link
  • German States
    Description: This website provide a lot of information on the German states and major cities.

Web Link
  • Populations
    Description: This website provides the population of German states and major cities.

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