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Hello students! Today I will be assigning you into groups of 3 to 4 based on random draw. Once I have assigned you into your groups and given your group a number, I would advise that you exchange your school emails so that you can contact each other outside of class. After this is done, you are to discuss and decide as a group which scene from William Shakespeare's The Tempest you would like to recreate. Once you have decided on a scene, you are to then assign characters for each of you to play. After all of this has been discussed and agreed on, you are to practice your scene a few times (there is no need to memorize lines as you will be able to read directly from your script). Once you feel that the entire group is ready to record your reading, come ask me and I will give you one of the voice recorders at the front of the room to record your voices playing out the script. After this is finished, you are to upload the file to the Windows Movie Maker program. Once this is done, go to Google Images to find school appropriate images that go along with the scene that is being played out.Once you have found the school appropriate images you wish to use (there should be no less than 15), save them under a new folder titled "The Tempest" and insert them into the Windows Movie Maker program. You should then use your skills as both individuals and a group to match the images up with your voices and the parts of the scene that are being played out. When you feel, as a group, that your project is finished and satisfactory, save the project as "The Tempest Video Scene Group ___" (the ___ should be replaced with the group number) and drag it to my file as we have done with previous assignments. I will be grading this project on my own classroom observations (as to who in the group put forth a valiant effort) as well as the general quality of the project as a whole and whether or not the requirements of the individual and group rubrics (found under the "Evaluation" tab) were met. If you have any questions at all throughout this process, please do not hesitate to contact me! Good luck! 


Windows Movie Maker
Description: This program will be used to put your project together as a whole. To access this program, simply click on the Windows emblem in the lower left-hand corner of your screen and then type in "Windows Movie Maker" in the search bar.

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