The Watsons Go to Birmingham-- 1963



You will each be responsible for creating a Powerpoint slide based on a topic or theme from the book.  Each assignment will require some research, including utilizing web resources and library books.


Below are the assignments for each character role:


Kenny:  Kenny, you have faced several challenges and triumphs while growing up during the time period of the Civil Rights Movement.  You will create a photo collage of images from the time period of the Civil Rights Movement in the south.  Include images of events in history and pop culture.  Then write a paragraph from your 10 year old point of view in which you share your thoughts about that collage.  Be sure you can explain why each photo is important to your masterpiece!  Use the following links to help you locate what you need.

1963                                Wikipedia, 1963                            Jim Crow Laws

1960's Flashback               Sixty's City                                   Time for Kids


Byron:  Daddy Cool, you have undergone some changes throughout the course of this novel, haven't you?  You will illustrate Before- and After- descriptions of yourself that demonstrate your character before your trip and after you return. Surrounding your self portraits, you will add words to describe yourself.  You will use both your own descriptive words and the descriptive words of Christopher Paul Curtis.  Then write a letter to Grandma Sands telling her how your trip to Birmingham has changed you from a juvenile delinquent into a different kind of young man.  Use details of specific events that have contributed to your 'transformation.'  Helpful tools:

KidPix                                  Kidspiration                             Online Thesaurus


Joetta:  Your young and innocent eyes witnessed one of our country's saddest tragedies, Joey.  The Watson's trip to Birmingham had a huge impact on your little life.  Conduct your research online and in the library.  Learn as much as you can about the 4 little girls.  Then you will write a letter to your friend in Flint describing the events that occurred on September 15, 1963.  Your letter must include facts and feelings, photos and descriptive language.

Birmingham, Alabama            We Shall Overcome    

16th Street Baptist Church      Letter Generator


Momma:  You are one spirited and devoted lady, Wilona Watson!  You will create a very organized travel plan using the Travel Journal in the folder below.  Print it out and fill in the blanks.

MapQuest                               RandMcNally                              FreeTrip

1960's Flashback                     The People's History

Expedia                                   Hotels.com


Dad:  You convinced Wilona to move to Flint to escape the injustice in the south.  You keep up with the news, especially the Civil Rights Movement and the victories and sacrifices of its leaders.  You will create a timeline of the Civil Rights Movement using Timeliner software.  It should cover the years from 1945-1965.  Your timeline must include important dates and relevant photos.  It can be added to your Powerpoint slide.

Scholastic Timeline                 Powerful Days in Black & White

Civil Rights Resource Guide      Jim Crow Laws

"Marching in Alabama," United Streaming


Buphead: This role and assignment was developed in the event that a family member finishes extra early OR if there is a need to have a group with 6 students.  Your assignment, Buphead:  Since you are such a fast talker, your assignment is to be a talk show host. The Watson family will be your guests. You must plan the show, including determining the theme of the episode, developing 10 thoughtful questions for your guests, and conducting your interview. Record the interview on audio-cassette or on video.

When your task is complete, move on to the Evaluation tab!


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