Michael Jackson\'s Musical Career



Birth (August 29 1958)

Early Life/Jackson 5 (1958-1975)
 Michael Jackson was the eighth of ten children from his mother, Katherine Scruse and his Father, Joseph Jackson. Michael and his father had a troubled relationship with his father who often riticuled him. in 1964, michael officially became part of the Jackason 5. in 1972 Michael  made his first solo album.
The Start Of His Success (1982-1985)
In 1984 he won seven Grammys thanks to his hit album, Thriller. Thriller is still a best selling album in the US. In 1983, his solo performance of Billie Jean gave him his first emmy nomination. He also first used his signature moonwalk, dance move in that performance. In 1984 he was invited to the white house by presindent Ronald Reagan to recieve an award for his support to charities.
The Reapting success (1986-1993) simply put, he kept making more music. A lot of their profit went to charity and he earned him self the name, The King Of Pop.
Supposed Child Abuse And First Marrige (1993-1994) In 1993 michael jackson was accused of sexualy abusing a 13 year old boy named Jordan Chandler, who's father demanded he pay. However his mother insited there was no wrong doinds on Michael's part. Michael accused the father of trying to make money off of suing a singer. In 1994 Michael married the daughter of Elveis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley. They first met in1975 when Lisa attended a Jackson family engagements.

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