The Civil War - A Nation Divided



All of the assignments that you will be doing for the next couple of weeks are on this page. Some assignments may be done by yourself, and some will be with groups. Read the directions carefully to find out whether you are working alone, with a partner, or in a group. Each of these  assignments will be a grade.

Task 1: Journal Entry (2 days)
After visiting the websites below, how do you feel about slavery?

Your job today is to visit each of the websites below IN ORDER. As you visit the second website, be sure to answer the questions on the sheet your teacher has given you.
This is an individual assignment.



After visiting both sites and answering the questions on the sheet, you will write a journal entry answering the questions below:
  • How do you feel about slavery?
  • What have you learned about the Underground Railroad?
  • If you were a slave, would you have stayed on the plantation or tried to escape on the Underground Railroad?

Your journal entry should be posted to your blog and titled "Slavery Journal Entry."

If your journal entry is not finished in time, it may be finished for homework.

Information: no task (1 day)
How did the beliefs of the North compare to the beliefs of the South?

Your job today is to use the websites below to research John Brown and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

John Brown:

Harriet Beecher Stowe:


There is no task for this assignment, however the information that you learn will be a part of the quiz at the end of this unit. You will be expected to remember it, so be sure to take notes on what you find.

Task 2: Baseball Cards (2 days: Day 1 - gather information, Day 2 - make cards)
How did the actions of Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, and Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson affect society through intended and unintended consequences?

Your job today is to use the information that you have been given in class to create "baseball cards" about each of the Civil War leaders named above. You will work alone to make your cards. We will use the information from your cards in class to create a Venn diagram comparing some of these leaders.

Each card should have a picture of the leader and their name on the front. The back should contain at least 4 facts about that person.

Task 3: Battle Presentations (Days 1 and 2: research, Days 3 and 4: create presentation, Day 5: presentations)
What were some of the strategies used by both sides during the battles of the Civil War?

Your job in this task is to use the information that you have been given in class AND the information from the sites below to create a presentation about ONE Civil War battle. You will work with your group to create your presentation.

Your presentation should answer the questions below.
  1. What happened? (Who won?)
  2. Who was there? (Who were the important leaders at that battle?)
  3. When did it happen?
  4. Where did it happen?
  5. Why was this battle important to the war?

Use the link below to find the answers to the questions above. They are all there so you should not have to visit any link(s) not listed.

You may choose from any of the technology resources we have discussed in class OR your group may create a poster to display your information. You will be expected to present to the rest of the class about your battle.

Task 4: Diary Entry (1 day)
How did the Civil War effect the North and the South after it was over?

Your job in this task is to us the information from the PowerPoint in class to compare the effects of the Civil War on the North and the South. We will create a Venn diagram in class together. You will then use this information to write your final journal entry.

You will choose a character:
You can choose to be a Northerner or a Southerner. You will write a diary entry from that person's perspective after the end of the war. You should describe how you feel now that the war is over, what you see around your home, what problems you expect the country to face, and what positive/negative changes you believe will come as a result.

If your diary entry is not finished in class, it may be finished for homework.


  • Civil War Powerpoint
    Description: Use the information from this powerpoint to help you as you are completing your research.

Web Link


  • Civil War Notes Sheet
    Description: This is a sheet that you can use to take notes on the information that you learn in class. It includes all sections of the powerpoint.

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