Teen Violence: Who Are the Everyday Victims?



Step One - After watching examples of PSA's, your group will discuss which type of PSA announcement to produce.  Your choices include a PSA for a newspaper/magazine, the school channel/TV, or a radio PSA..  Below are some examples of PSA's.  Please view each one.  Then, individually, choose one you like best and complete the 'Evaluating a PSA' form below.

Example 1- TV PSA      Example 2 - TV PSA      Example 3 - Radio PSA      Example 4 - Radio PSA     

 Example 5 -Newspaper/Magazine PSA    Example 6 -  Newspaper/Magazine PSA    

Step Two - Once you have viewed all of the examples, please review this website:  http://nij.gov/topics/courts/restorative-justice/marketing-media/psa.htm  It will provide information and tips about  PSA's.

Discuss this information with the group and decide which type of PSA will be created.  Fill out the 'Beginning a PSA' starter sheet below. Hand it in to the teacher when you are finished.

Step Three - The class will split up into groups of four.  Each group should decide among themselves who will assume each of the following roles within the group: counselor, statistician, cinemotographer (interview other teens), and a  media specialist.  Each student is responsible for completing the individual work that accompanies his/her job in order to make the PSA a complete success.

Counselor -  Research in order to find out what kinds of teen violence occur most often and describe each kind.  Also, identify who the victims of each type of teen violence are most apt to be.  Below are a couple of resources to help you get started with you research.  You should also complete the form labeled 'PSA Counselor' below while researching.

Site 1          Site 2

Statistician - Locate statistics that would be useful for your group's PSA.  Remember your PSA is aimed at a specific target audience and will be designed to increase awareness.  Below are a couple of resources to help you get started with your research.  You should also complete the form labeled 'PSA Statistician' below while researching.

Site 1          Site 2

Cinematographer -   You will be interviewing five to ten students in the district in order to gain further insight and information for the group in regards to creating your PSA.  Please print the form labeled 'PSA Cinematographer' below in order to further understand and complete your task.

Media Specialist - You will be in charge of creating the design plan for the PSA much like a graphic designer or movie director.  Depending on which form of PSA your group has decided to create your job will vary. You will need to constantly check-in with the Cinemotographer, Statistician, and Cinemotographer in order to gain ideas for how the PSA will be produced in regards to the information they are gaining. The resource provided under 'Media Specialist' below is what you should use to begin if your group decided to do a video PSA.  If you all have decided to do a visual or radio PSA, please consult your teacher for alternate resources.

Lastly, before branching out and starting your individual work, the group should review the  form labeled 'Project Timeline' provided below to ensure that each of you make a committment to meet the deadlines for individual and group work.  The project must be completed on time. 

Step Four - Collaborate with your group in order to begin creating the PSA. Print  and complet the 'PSA Outline Sheet' below as a group to help get started. 

Step Five - ACTION!!!! Produce your PSA.

Step Six - Refer to the Evaluation Tab for the final step before submitting your PSA to the teacher for final evaluation.

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