Reading/Comprehension and Vocabulary



The student will read the book Strawberry Shortcake: Lost and Found. The student will then be asked a group key questions. 1. What were the pets doing when the friends run inside to get out of the rain?

2. How does Strawberry feel when she realizes that her pets are missing?

3. What clues help Strawberry and her friends find the pets?

4. After the story how would you predict the ending of the story if Strawberry's friends had not helped her find her pets?

(See attachment 1 for answers to key questions)

Once the student answers the above questions, the student will identify how the characters respond to major events through hands on manipulatives. The manipulatives students will use is a teacher created file folder game (See Attachment 2). The students will match characters with important events from the story. i.e. the character will matchup with the story event using lines to connect. The student will be able to selfcheck using the answer key in the attachment below as well.

The student will classify characters thru a teacher created memory game. i.e. the student will match the characters and pets.(See Attachment 3)

The student will compose and produce the major events of the story in a foldable. The foldable will have on the outside the characters name and on the inside the student will have how the characters responded to the major events or challenges.(See attachment 4).



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