Music and kids



                 1.  Form groups of four students.

                   2.  Select a kind of music of your interest.






              3.  Select a famous singer or band as well as a song in English.

              4. Print the questionnaire and answer the questions. Use the website links below toanswer it.  

                 Present the questionnaire with answers to your teacher. (the questionnaire  is in the evaluation link)

          5. Prepare a role play in English in which one or two students are the interviewers and two or three are the singers or musicians. 

            You can use some questions from the       questionnaire and add other questions you want.

              The interview must last 2minutes. It has to be presented to the class. You can use all kinds of apps.

             6. Rehearse the song and perform it in front of the class or present it as a video.(optional)

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