Are You Drinking Death?



Below is the process for doing this two-week project.  The amount of time you should spend on each part of the project appears in parentheses next to each section.

1.    Data collection (2 days)

       a.    Information investigation- Research articles and videos on the Internet about sugar in beverages.  Investigate amount of sugar in at least five different beverages.  Investigate the normal amount of sugar intake.  You may use online resources or the nutrition labels on the containers

       b.    Lab skills- Use PowerPoint presentation link on this page to perform the sugar crystallization experiment.

Teacher's lab lecture:

Crystalliation of Sugar by Distillation

Video Clip about lab at home:

How much sugar is in a can of soda?


2.    Sugar metabolism (2 days)

       a.    Understanding- Record informaton from teacher lecture on sugar molecular structure.

       b.    Information search- Research articles and videos on the Internet about sugar metabolism.  Some links are provided on this web page.  Interview biology teacher at your school if you feel it is necessary.

four links:

Sugar molecular structure

Glucose metabolism article

Sugar metabolism video

 How to Metabolize your Sugar level NATURALLY?

      c. Presentation- Present your own understanding of both the structure and metabolism of sugar by using any of the following formats:  PowerPoint, Word, poster, VoiceThread.

 3.    Diseases linked to sugar (2 days)

     a.    Information search- Research articles and videos on the Internet to discuss whether or not there are diseases linked to sugar. Some links are provided on this web page. Interview a doctor in your community.

     b.    Understanding- Based on the information search, write an analysis of what you discovered and state whether you believe there is a link between sugar and disease.

     c.    Presentation- Summarize your findings by using any of the following formats: PowerPoint, Word, poster, VoiceThread.


 three links:

    How sugar affects our health?

The Effect of Soda on Your Body

Sugar and Kids: The Toxic Truth (Interview)

4.    Conclusions (3 days)

       a.    Opinion- Write your opinion on whether or not you agree with New York's ban on large soft drinks and California's ban on sugary food in schools.

       b.    Support with evidence- Based on all of the research you did for this project and the lab experiment, write an essay that supports your opinion with evidence that you discovered.

       c.    Analysis of information- Analyze the evidence you gathered to form a conclusion about any health effects that come from sugar.  Prepare answers to questions that people may ask you on your opinion.  Your answers must reference information and facts you previously researched.  Remember that questions may either support or refute your opinion.

       d.    Presentation- Present a persusive argument on your opinion of this subject by engaging in a structured debate with other students. Be able to defend your opinion based on questions other students may ask you.


5.    Reflection (1 day)

       a.    Presentation of what group learned from other groups- Participate in a group discussion about what you learned by listening to the presentations of other groups.


The Effect of Soda on Your Body

How much sugar is in a can of soda?
Sugar Metabolism Video
How Sugar Affects Our Health?

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