Scientific Method



Using the scientific method document and website posted, you may work with a partner or alone to conduct an experinment that proves or disproves your hypothesis.

First, you will follow the instructions that have been provided in the Scientific Method document that has been posted. This will have you thinking of a problem that you want solved, creating statements of what you think will happen, researching, experimenting, and reporting your findings.

 After completing the process and gathering your results, go to Microsoft word and create a chart listing each step of the scientific method and what you did at each. List all resources used in your research at the bottom of the chart.

The last requirement is for you to creatively create a way to present your process and findings to the class. This can be a range of things from a power point presentation with pictures from the experiment to an actual re-enactment of your original experiment. If you do choose to re-enact your experiment, it must be one that does not take more than five minutes and proves to the class what your findings are. Just remember, the possibilities are endless so be creative.  


After the presentation is complete, you will be required to write a short summary of what you have learned about the scientific process, as well as 3 things that you learned about your topic that you didn't know before.

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