Thunder& Lightning WebQuest



Step by step instructions:

1) Read each question carefully before starting (1 through12). They can be found at the resource site below.

2) Each section (website) has three questions for you to solve. Re-read the questions and then go to the website provided and post your answers.  They can be found at the resource site below.

3) Once you have completed your questions they can bee-mailed to me, posted on my schools google docís board, or handed in as a hard copy.

4) Once you have completed your questions, complete the quiz that is posted and send or hand in the assignment on Google docís, e-mail, or print and hand in as a hard copy.

5) For bonus points you may complete the Bonus/follow up activities on Thunder & Lightening  safety procedures.

6) Present the web quest to your class, and field any questions that they may have.


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