The BIG 6 Research Model



  Day 1

Click here to get the basic steps in the Big 6 Research Model. 

  1.  Make a list of each step along with the two sub steps of each.
  2. Read and discuss the different steps and write three questions on your concerns as to how the model works.

Day 2

  1. Share the questions written on day  and  scroll down and watch movie # 1 to seek answers to the questions.
  2. Using the format from the video, prepare a research plan  for the  following Question; "What types of music are in the Jamaican Culture?"
  3. Your plan should include at least:
  •  Four keywords you'll use to search
  •  Four sources you plan to collect the resources from
  • Two ways you plan to collect the information,
  • One sentence telling  how the information will be used,
  • One sentence telling how you plan to put the information together 
  • Three things you will look for when evaluating the final project.

Day 3

  1. Research information on Jamaican Music by clicking here.  Retrieve the information you need.
  2. Go to the school  library and extract the relevant information  from the book entitled "Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music" By Lloyd Bradley.

Day 4

  1. Collate the information on the different types of music in the Jamaican culture and organize in the form of a written three page project  that tells the definition and features of each type of music listed. Your project may be typed or legibly  hand-written. If you are going to type, it should be Times New Roman 12 and double spaced.

Day  5

  1. You will be given time to present your  research paper in class.
  2. For your assignment, you are to scroll to the bottom of the page Print the 'Self Test' form  and fill it in with the steps in the Big 6 Model


Movie # 1

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