The Empires of Ancient Africa




Using the following resources, study the three major kingdoms of Africa. Fill out the chart on each kingdom as you read. You will be using this chart to compose your essay. Be as detailed as possible. 

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The Chart
The chart is broken into three columns: Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. Under each category, fill in the information pertaining to the kingdom's trading accomplishments, government, culture, and downfall. Type your answers into the chart as you go. Make sure to site any additional resources that you use (if any) at the bottom of your chart using MLA format. 
A link to the chart is listed below. 

The Essay
Once your research is complete, choose two of the kingdoms to compare and contrast. Complete a Venn diagram to help with the organization of your ideas. (This will be turned in with your essay). 
A link to the venn diagram is listed below.

Your essay will be composed of five paragraphs: Introduction, 3 body paragraphs, conclusion.
The first body paragraph will discuss the similarities of your two kingdoms.
The second body  paragraph will discuss the differences between the two kingdoms.
The final body paragraph will be your opinion as to which kingdom influenced trade in Western Africa the most. Cite reasons from your research to support your answer. 

Type your essay in Times New Roman 12 pt font. Don't forget to include an appropriate title and your heading.

The Map
Using the outline map below, identify the kingdom regions of ancient Ghana, Mali, and Songhai. 
These areas will overlap somewhat. Sketch your images using regular pencil first. Follow up by lightly coloring with colored pencil, using a different color for each kingdom. 
Also, identify major landforms such as bodies of water, geographic formations, etc. Include a symbol for these in your legend.
Include a legend on your map. The legend should aide the viewer in reading your map. Remember to use TODALS (Title, Orientation, Date, Author, Legend, Source).
If you do not remember the TODALS, use these links as a guide: 


You will submit four items in class to receive credit on this assignment.
1. Turn in your completed chart on the three kingdoms. If you used additional sources, these should be cited using MLA format.
2. Turn in your completed venn diagram.
3. Turn in your typed essay. 
4. Africa Map


  • Africa Outline Map
    Description: This map is to be used for the geography portion of the WebQuest.

  • Venn Diagram
    Description: Use this venn diagram to organize your ideas for your essay.

  • Kingdoms Chart
    Description: Use this chart to make notes as you conduct your research.

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