Stories of Immigration



STEP #1 
Define Immigration using the link below
(click on the hyperlink at the bottom of the page titled Word Central)

 You will explore and take comprehensive notes on at least 3 books listed below in 3 different categories. Make sure to read the synopsis of the book or blurb (what the book is about). It will help if you can read a little bit of the book if it is available. You may have to use google to research your book. 
In your notes make sure you write down the following information for each book you look into. 
1.Names of main characters
2.Where the character/s are immigrating from and to
3.Why the character/s are immigrating
4.What struggles the character/s may be facing
5.What perspective/ point of view the book is written from (I.E. First person, Omniscient, Multiple Narrators etc.)
6.If you would read this book. Why/ Why not? 
7.Similarities you may have with the Character/s

You can find information about these books by typing them into google books at this link http://books.google.com/

You can also find information about these books at this link http://www.goodreads.com/

(Students please note all links are Hyperlinked at the bottom of the page because the in text hyperlink is not working)

------------------American Literature-------------------

Remix: Conversations with Immigrant Teenagers
by Marina Budhos

Immigrant Kids
by Russell Freedman

by Jean Fritz (To The USA from China)

Return to Sender
by Julia Alvarez (To The USA from Mexico)

-------------------Latino Literature---------------------

Esperanza Rising 
by Pam Muñoz Ryan

Star in the Forest
by Laura Resau 

My Diary from Here to There/Mi diario de aqui hasta alla 
by Amada Irma Pérez, Maya Christina Gonzalez (illustrator)

-------------German/ Jewish Immigration WWII------------------

From Anna (Anna Solden #1)
by Jean Little

When Jessie Came Across the Sea
by Amy Hest, P.J. Lynch

Letters from Rifka
by Karen Hesse

---------------------Graphic Novel---------------------------
The Arrival 
by Shaun Tan

You can also find your own books- you are not limited to these. 



Homework Night One
Ask your parent or guardian about your family history. 
Answer the following questions on a piece of paper to help you with your work. 

1.Where did your family originally immigrate from? (even if they were on the Mayflower they still immigrated). 
If you do not know where your family immigrated from you may ask a family friend or next door neighbor about their family history. 

2.What struggles did your family have when they immigrated? If you don't know make an inference about what struggles your family may have faced when they immigrated. 

3.How did your family get to America? Boat, Car, on Foot, by Airplane? 

4. Are you a first generation American? Did you immigrate recently? 



Ask your elbow partner the same questions you asked your family last night. Take notes. 


You will now fill out a venn diagram comparing and contrasting either two of the characters you researched with your own family immigration story or compare and contrast one characters story, your story, and your classmates immigration story. Use the link at the bottom of the page titled Venn Diagram to download he  attached Venn diagram. You can enter your information into the Venn Diagram in Microsoft Word or MAC pages. One you have finished this part of the assignment please save and attach your document to an email and send it to me at S******@gmail.com. 

You will now use the venn diagram you filled out along with the attached rubric to write 3-5 paragraphs comparing and contrasting your story with the stories of the people you have explored. How are you similar and different to the characters in the stories you explored/ your classmate that you spoke to? You will also answer the following questions within your paragraphs. 

Did you know what immigration meant before starting this activity? What book appealed to you the most and why if none why not? Would you read this/ these books? Do you identify with your classmates story of immigration? Why do you think it is important that we are learning about immigration in class? 

Once you have finished your paper check the rubric to make sure you are scoring all 4's. I expect 4's all the way across the board with everyone! 

View the Rubric in the Attachement Titled Rubric, you can also view the rubric on the next page titled Evaluation. 

Please read the conclusion for directions on submitting your final assignment. 


Web Link
  • Word Central
    Description: You can use this link to the dictionary to help you define words you may not know.

Web Link
  • Google Books
    Description: You can type in the name of a book and or the books author and find information about that book. You may even be able to read the entire book on there.

  • Venn Diagram
    Description: Use the Attached Venn Diagram Template to Complete Your Venn Diagram.

Web Link
  • Good Reads Book Finder
    Description: You can find information about your book on Good Reads. You can also read other peoples reviews about each book.

  • Rubric
    Description: This is what you will be graded on. This is a good guideline for you to follow when writing your essay.

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