Journey to the past!



Are you ready to begin you journey? Is the time and date on your time machine set? Letís begin our mysterious trip!


First stop on our social studies time travelling is American History.We are going to New York April 30, 1789 to meet George Washington.

Who was George Washington?

What important did he accomplish?

Why is he such a significant person in American history?

What were special events that George Washington took part in?

"On April 30, 1789, George Washington, standing on the balcony of Federal Hall on Wall Street in New York, took his oath of office as the first Presidentof the United States".

Watch the video to learn about our President. Just follow the link below :


Now let's read a little about George Washington. Click on the link below and Mrs. Fox will read the text for her time travelling lerners!


Time for fun! Click below to access games and other activities. http://www2.lhric.org/pocantico/washington/washington.htm

Now that you learned about George Washington, by doing some activities, reading and watching videos you will send some time with your partner. On the way back from our journey you and your partner will discuss your experience and share what you learned. Use vocabulary below during you talk with your partner.

Vocabulary: George Washington, constitution, general, revolution, president, Philadelphia

Finishing activities:

1.George Washington Word Scramble. Click on the link and download your scramble. Mrs. Fox will help you to change your page into different one so you can use your computer to type.


2. Then draw a picture of George Washington. Be creative, how do you think the President would look today?


Think about what you just learned, discuss it with your partner and describe George Washington using few sentences. Remember how important he was to our country. Ready? Begin!

*Remainder-after completing put your work inside the folder!





Day 2

Second stop on our social studies time travelling journey is World History. Today we are going to visit Vikings so our time machine must be set to 400 A.D. Buckle up !

NOTE *A.D. stands for ANNO DOMINI and it means number of years before Jesus Christ which is around 2000 years ago.

Who were the Vikings? What did they do?Where did they come from?

Access sites to learn about Vikings:



*What did you find out;tell your partner what you know about Vikings!

Vocabulary game time! Vikings, ships, longboats, Viking attire, battles

THINK*Who can tell me who Vikings are? What clothes they wore? What are longboats? Did Viking use Ships? What battles Viking had?

Finally, letís do some coloring and after that we will print some pictures of Vikings and create posters. Materials needed will be provided by your teacher!

Accessthe site for coloring and printable materials. Mrs. Fox will assist you with printing.



Access the link below to do FUN VIKING QUIZ. Remember to print you scores and add them toyour folder. Mrs. Fox will assist you with printing if needed.






Day 3

Our third stop on our social studies time travelling journey is geography. Today we will travel to times where people only had to use maps because there was no technology. We willlearn about maps and their creation.

Fact* some people still use maps today toget to different places. Let the travelling begin! Time machines set to 12thcentury; 1230.

Vocabulary: compass rose, map, graphic, legend, symbol, key

What are maps? Who was the first to use them? What were the first maps made of? How do we call a job associated with making maps?

Maps are graphic models of different places. Graphic means representing something in a form of pictures or images. Basically, maps are pictures.  First people who used maps were Vikings. First maps were printed by using wooden blocks and at first they were not perfect because they were made by hand. Later much better maps were invented. Cartography is the science, skill or work of making maps.

*Tell your partner what you know about themaps!

Read a story ďBeakley takes a tripĒ by visiting site:


Why did Beakley need a map? What did hesee on the map?

THINK*How do we create a map? Access link below to learn more about maps:


*Fun time, assess link to print Royal Castle Floor Plan:


Of course, Mrs. Fox will provide you needed materials for your Royal Castle Floor Plan adventure!


Hello my travelers! Today you will have a chance to travel one more time and you will be visiting a place of your choice. I want you to think about one familiar place of your choice and travel there with your partner. Then your partner can chose his place and you both can travel to the second place. After you get back I want you to create me a map of that place. The map must include compass rose, symbols, keys and legend. The teacher will provide you with needed material. Letís begin out work! Remember to put you work inside your portfolio.





Day 4

Fourth stop on our social studies time travelling journey is government/civics. We will visit one very important place to learn about our government and duties/rights of citizens. We will also learn about other important symbols of our country like American flag, Bold Eagle, Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument. We are going to 1792 and see how the White House was built. Set you time machine and letís start our adventure.

The construction of the White House begun in 1792and it was finished and open in 1800. The White House is a place where our President lives. It is also a symbol of the United States of America.

What other American symbols do you know? Why arethese symbols important?

Share your ideas with you partner and as a team write them down on the paper. Then visit the websites to learn more about our government then when you are done check if your answers were correct.

First visit the website to learn about our government:


Second, visit the White House:


Time for facts

The Statue of liberty-symbolof freedom, success and new life

American Bald Eagle- chosen June 20, 1782 as the symbol of the United States of American, because of its long life, great strength and majestic looks, and also because it was then believed to exist only on this continent.

American Flag- The stripes represent the 13 original colonies. The 50 stars represent the numberof states. The colors of the flag have meaning as well: Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor (courage and bravery). White symbolizes Purity and Innocence(cleanliness and freedom from bad things). Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice (care, fairness and honesty).

WashingtonMonument-it was build to honor the first President.

Visit siteto learn some more: http://www.atozkidsstuff.com/symbols.html

Vocabulary time!

Americanflag, Bald Eagle, Washington Monument, Statue of Liberty, White House

With your partner use vocabulary and ask each other questions associated with our lesson. You can use a paper to write your questions down and you can also use it to answer the questions. To ask questions use words why, how, where, what and when. For example: How American Bald Eagle was chose as an American symbol? Why Washington Monument was built? This is just a little activity to help you learn about our symbols of freedom and democracy!

*Fun time!

Today we will use a big piece of paper to create our classroomís statue of liberty. We will use paint, glue, aluminum foil and construction paper. Everyone will be able to add something what they believe is special and important.After done our statue will be hanged on the wall. We will also name it. This will represent our rights to freedom! Letís begin our work. Ready? Let's begin!


Directions: Using the color key and the paper provided by your teacher, design a flag for your family. Write ashort paragraph that explains why you chose the colors you did and what they represent.

*Color Key

Red = bravery, courage, valor,strength green = hope yellow/gold = honor, loyalty, optimism purple = royalty, wealth blue = peace, justice, sincerity red/purple = sacrifice orange = strength, endurance white/silver = faith, purity black = grief, sorrow

If needed use your dictionary to find the meaning of the words.

*Remember to put your work in your folder!







Fifth stop on our time travelling journey isEconomics. Today, no our last day we will be visiting New Orleans so the date that needs to be set on our machines is August 2005. You are probably thinking... why we going to New Orleans and what Economics mean. Before we begin let me explain.

Economics is associated with money. It is a study that is associated with all types ofgoods that people need and want. However, there is a big difference what we need and what we want.

Does anyone know what happened in New Orleans in 2005? Let me tell you. There was a big hurricane that destroyed peopleís houses and everything that they had. New Orleans is located in Louisiana in the south east part of the United States.

Letís begin our travelling and you will see how important it is to make right choices in your life.

First visit the site to learn about hurricanes, watch the video:


Second, visit the house of one family that lost everything because of the hurricane Katrina


As you see sometimes bad things may happen and that is how we lose everything. Then we must get our things back but they cost money. Some things however, are not as important as other things.

Play the game to learn about needs and wants:


Now use the link below to create a list of items that people from New Orleans would need. Remember that needs are essentials things like home, food, water and wants are things that are less important like videos games, candy and soda.


Now I would like to discuss with you our vocabulary. Look below!

Vocabulary: needs, wants, poor, homeless, hungry, shelter, food, water, candy, soda, games,toys, money

Who can tell me why do we need money? What are the important things we need to survive? What are the things we really do not need? Why is it important not to spend our money for things that we do not need?

Think with your partner about my questions. When you ready raise your hand so I can see when our discussion will begin.


*Time for fun

Access the site below to draw your needs!


Access the site to take a quiz!




I want you t think for a while, I will give you 15minutes for choosing one thing that you need and one thing you do not need. On a piece of paper I want you to draw a picture of something that you think you need and something you think you do not need. Then I want you to explain by writing couple sentences why it is awant and why it is a need.

*Rememberto add you paper to your folder!



Congratulation my little travelers we got to the end of our journey! I hope you had fun and learn a lot this week about our subjects.

Now I want you to make sure that all you items from our evaluation are in yourfolders.

Day one- paper about George Washington?

Day two-scores from your quiz about Vikings?

Day three-map of your favorite place?

Day four-drawingof the flag and short paragraph about your choice?

Day five-drawing and your paper with sentences?

If you have all of you work inside your folder, you done with our journey. Now I want you to put your name on the folder and the title. You can choose any name for your folder you want. Last, bring your folder to Mrs. Fox. I will look at it and give you a grade for your hard work. I will return your folders when I am done and you can keep them for the Galaxy Company and their studies until they will need them.

Once again great job travelers!!!!











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